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The Warning Sign of Organs

Did you know that the condition of our organs can manifest as musculoskeletal pain?

We always think about musculoskeletal injuries when we encounter pain in our arms, upper back, or other parts of our body. However, these pains may also be the warning sign sent by our organs, indicating different kinds of organ diseases or failure. Let's learn about these warning signs today, so that we know how to seek medical treatment in time.

Visceral referral pattern:

• Heart: Left jaw, chest, inner side of the left upper extremity

• Lungs and Diaphragms: Shoulders and necks

· Liver, pancreas, and stomach: Upper abdomen

· Gallbladder: Right scapula area

• Appendix: Right lower quadrant of the abdomen

• Kidneys: Flank, low back, and groin

What's the difference between visceral and musculoskeletal pain?

The visceral referred pain is usually vague, described as aching or pressure, and the patient usually cannot pinpoint the location of the pain. It is also accompanied by some other physical symptoms, such as heart palpitation or dizziness for heart issues, pain in urination for kidney diseases, etc. On the other hand, the characteristics and the location of musculoskeletal pain will be clearer. The patients can usually notice a movement that aggravates the pain or method to relieve the pain.

But of course, there are exceptions, for instance, appendicitis would have focal and sharp pain in the right lower abdomen. When doing an assessment, therefore, the therapist or doctor will ask about the patient's medical history, health status, and other seemingly unrelated symptoms to ensure that the pain is caused by the musculoskeletal system only.

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