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Resistance Bands

Resistance exercise bands are inexpensive, portable and can come in many different colours. The colour coding allows the user to know the force of resistance which the band offers. As your exercise program progresses, you can gradually increase your resistance to gain strength or range of motion by using a band that is of greater difficulty.

Exercise bands not only can be used for your arms but can also be an efficient way to strengthen your knees, legs, chest, back and even your shoulders. Typically, the colour and resistance are as follows: yellow for easy or extra light, red for light, green for medium, blue for heavy and black for extra heavy resistance.

As different colours of resistance bands may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, it is also best to test them out to find the right one for you. We at C.E.S. offer resistant bands of various colours and with the help of our rehabilitation staff, we can help you determine which colour would be best for your exercise/rehabilitation journey.

Keep in mind, if you are recovering from an injury, please consult with your therapist before you advance to a higher resistance. This can lead to over stressing your injured area and possibly re-injure yourself. As of any exercise, you should stop if you experience any pain.

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