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Prolonged Mouse and Keyboard Usage

After prolonged keyboard and mouse usage, do you experience elbow pain or finger numbness?

Whether you work from home or in an office, there are many times when you need to use your computer, keyboard, or mouse for extended periods. Many people feel pain in their elbows and wrists due to prolonged use of the keyboard or mouse, and some even feel numbness in their fingers, especially the ring and pinky fingers.

Why do I feel pain in my elbows?

When using a keyboard or mouse, if there is no proper workstation setup, our wrists will be in an extended state for a long time. Typing or using a mouse in an extended state for a long time can make the wrist extensor muscles overworked. Since the wrist extensors originate from the elbow, and the tendons that connect the muscles to the elbow are the most easily strained parts, the pain usually comes from the elbow.

Why are my fingers numb?

When using the computer, the elbows are rested on the desk for a long time. Our inner elbow is where the ulnar nerve passes. The ulnar nerve is responsible for the sensation of the ring finger and pinky finger. When this passageway is compressed, by resting our elbow on a hard surface for a prolonged period, we will feel numbness or tingling in the fourth and fifth fingers.

Prevention Tips

- Use a wrist rest to keep the wrist neutral and prevent the wrist from extension

- Do arm and wrist stretches and strengthening exercises

**Arm & Wrist Exercises -

- Take breaks for arm and wrist to relax

These are just one of the many possible causes of elbow and finger numbness. If you encounter the above conditions, please consult a therapist as soon as possible and get appropriate treatment, as finger numbness can also be related to your neck.

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