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Posture Reminder

🛑STOP! 🛑 And straighten out your back. While on our computers or using our cellphones, often we forget about our posture. Follow along to these exercise videos to help correct our postures and to prevent any injuries from holding an improper position for too long.

💡 Exercises to Improve Neck Posture

💡 4 Exercises to Prevent Stiff Neck

And now that we have gotten your attention, you can follow along to these exercises that can be done in the spot you are sitting at 😉 Simple chair exercises that you can follow along while taking a break from using any sort of technology.

👉🏻 And if you needed our reminder to straighten your back, you may be wanting to correct your posture. Follow along to this postural strengthening exercise video and create the difference you want to see in yourself!

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