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Kid-Friendly Fall Activities

Summer is over and fall is here! The days are shorter, and the temperatures are getting colder, but that shouldn’t stop your kids from being active outside! There are games and activities that can keep their adrenaline pumping, muscles working and improve their flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Racking and Jumping

The leaves are falling and what better opportunity than to get your kids to help out with raking the leaves on the yard. The joy of jumping into a big pile of leaves after the hard work of raking can be rewarding. Make it a competition to see who can make the biggest explosion of leaves. Try running from a distance and jumping into the pile, or rake and stack the leaves in a high pile.

Pumpkin Race

A relay style race using pumpkins that can be played in teams or solo. Set up a start and finish line and race down by pushing the pumpkins! Hands can be used to push the pumpkins, or the use of a broom depending on the size of the chosen pumpkin.

Apple Picking

A fun family activity that can be enjoyed together in the outdoors. Apple picking won’t be an intense exercise but it is a great way to be outside enjoying the fresh air while still being active walking around choosing apples.

Scavenger Hunts

A race to see who can check off the item list first! Fall items such as acorns, colourful leaves, birds, mushrooms or pumpkins. A great way to be up and about and practicing their observation skills.

Gobble Tag

Freeze tag but with a twist! When the “it” player tags you, you must be frozen in place and wait for another player to unfreeze them. During this time, the frozen player must gobble like a turkey until they are free! If all the kids are tagged and gobbling, a new “it” player is chosen.

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