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Got low back pain from using standing desks?

Recent studies have shown a positive association between sitting time and low back pain intensity as well as neck and shoulder pain. Research also suggested that standing can decrease diabetes. Standing desk seems like a must-have in the ideal workstation setup, however, did you know that 40-64% of previously asymptomatic individuals will develop significant low back pain during 2- hours of standing at a workstation, and here’s why:

- Years of sitting shorten our hip flexors > cause an anterior pelvic tilt when first start standing > can slowly load the spine in a non-ideal position

Solution and beginner recommendations:

- Gradual increase in standing time – start with 15 mins standing or less, and slowly lengthen over time up to 1:3 (sit: stand) ratio

- Shift position often

- Use a footstool

- Core and hip stabilization exercises

o clamshell

o bird dog

o side bridge

Tips for Standing Desk Set-Up:

- Desk height – elbow level

- Monitor – top of the screen should at eye level

- Footrest – can be a box/ slant board to unload tissues on the spine and lower limb

- Shoes – avoid high heels, tight dress shoes, flip flops

- Stool – for leaning on, allow you to change position regularly

Try these out to start using your standing desk in a healthy and pain-free way!

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