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Fall Prevention Tips

One in 3 Canadian over 65 will fall every year. Falls can hugely impact one’s independence as falls commonly result in hip or pelvic fractures. Older Canadians who fall are very likely to end up in the hospital and require surgery and often lengthy rehabilitation. Let’s learn about the tips and tricks to prevent falls!

Household Modifications

- Replace loose scatter mats with rugs that have rubber backing in the kitchen

- Wipe up spills immediately

- Keep everyday items in easy reach

- Make sure no extension cords cross your path

- Use non-stick floor wax

- Install safeguards in bathroom– grab bars by the toilet and tub/ shower; install a raised toilet seat

- Use a non-slip mat inside and outside the tub/ shower

- Have a clear path from the bedroom to bathroom

- Place night lights throughout the house to guide you

- Put a bell or reflector on a pet’s collar

- Wear shoes or slippers with non-slip soles

Lifestyle Modifications

- have your strength and balance evaluated by a therapist

- have your eyesight and hearing tested every 2 years

- exercise regularly to improve your strength and stay active

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