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Do you have muscle knots?

Have you ever noticed a taut band within the muscles after working or sitting for a prolonged period? And that hurts especially when you press on it? What is that taut band?

Although the causation of this taut band is still not completely understood, one theory is that it is formed by muscle spasms. The muscles in our body are oriented in different directions which allow us to perform various activities, such as forward or backward bending, twisting, side bending, and more. Our muscles are usually very pliable and can withstand the stress or load of our daily activities. However, when we perform the same movement repeatedly, or in an awkward posture, this chronic stress can cause micro-tears in the tissues within our muscles, which can irritate the nerves, and lead to muscles spasms and pain.

Although muscle knots are common, the discomfort they bring can interfere with our daily activities and work. Here are some tips to prevent or relieve discomfort from muscle knots.

1. Avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time, and change posture frequently

2. Stretch

3. Exercise

4. Stay hydrated

5. Press the muscle knot with hand, massage stick, or massage ball

Most of the muscle knots with mild pain can recover on their own, but if the muscle pain persists and interferes with daily activities, it is best to consult a therapist as soon as possible for appropriate treatment.

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