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Disney Princess Workout Challenge

Determined to workout to become strong like a Disney Princess? Below are five workout challenges that are princess themed for you try out!

1. Ariel – Flutter Kicks

While on your back, extend your legs up to a 45-degree angle. Keep your arms straight, parallel to the floor with the palms facing down. Lift your head, neck and shoulders slightly off the ground.

While keeping your legs straight and glued together with your toes pointed, start to lower one leg. Now bring the lowered leg up and lower the opposite leg. Continue this alternating movement. Repeat for 15-20 times.

2. Cinderella – Running

If it is too cold to go on a quick jog or run around your neighborhood, try running up and down some stairs. You can also try going at a slower pace while taking two steps at a time to turn this into a strengthening exercise rather than for cardio.

3. Pocahontas – Triceps Dips

Using a low and secure surface (ie. Chair, table, bench) place your hands on top, shoulder width apart, behind you and place your feet in front with a slight bend.

Straighten your arms, without locking them, and then slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself towards the floor.

Once your elbows reach a 90-degree angle, straighten your arms by pushing down on the hard surface till you are back at your starting position.

Repeat this for about 10-15 times.

4. Rapunzel – Standing Mountain Climbers

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms by your sides. Bring your right knee up to your waist level and extend your left arm over your head.

Return to your starting position and repeat with the opposite leg and arm.

Keep alternating sides for about 15-20 times.

5. Tiana – Frog Crunches

Start by laying down on a mat with your hands supporting the back of your head. Lift your legs up to a 45- degree angle. Lift your shoulders and bend your knees, bringing them towards your elbows. Lower yourself back down on the mat and extend your legs back to the starting position.

Repeat this for 10-15 times.

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