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Body Bridges for Kids

Body bridges are a fun core strengthening exercise that kids can do. You can also use toys to attract their attention by driving cars, trucks or dolls under their makeshift bridges.

1. Seated Bridge

Have your child sit with their legs bent in front of them, feet flat on the floor. Can they hold this position while toys are being driven under their bridge? If this is too easy, have them lift their hands off the floor and hold them in the air or bring one leg up to extend their bridge.

2. All Fours Bridge

This exercise requires all four limbs to be in contact with the floor. Their choice of body part to be in contact on the floor is entirely open.

3. Plank Bridge

A standard plank pose that can have an extra challenge added to it. Lifting one leg or arm at a time or lifting one leg and the opposite arm at the same time.

4. Downward Dog Bridge

While arms and legs are flat on the floor, have your child bring their chin in towards their chest to form a downward dog position. Are they up for the challenge of becoming a three-legged dog bridge?

5. Crab Walk Bridge

Have your child sit on the floor feet hip-distance apart in front and arms behind their back with fingers facing towards their hips. They then must lift their hips off the floor and start walking forward or back to create a mobile bridge by moving their hands and feet in the direction they wish to travel.

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