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How to choose a good backpack?

I know it feels like we just stepped into summer but guess what, Back to School Sale is here! Let’s take some time to learn about how to choose a good backpack before you make your purchase for your kids!

Children are more vulnerable to overuse injuries because their cartilage is still growing. The highest rate of growth in females is between 10-12 years old and 13-15 for males. Therefore, proper backpack use should be emphasized during this period.

How to choose a good backpack?

1. Have padded back – to reduce pressure in the back and enhance comfort

2. Have two contoured and padded shoulder straps - reduce pressure on the shoulders and permit free movements of the arms; two straps can help distribute the weight better and keep their posture symmetrical; one strap can be used as a fashion style only if the backpack weight is light

3. Hip and chest belts – help to transfer some weight from back and shoulders to hips and torso

4. Have multiple compartments – better distribute weight in backpack, keep items secure, and enhance access to the contents

5. Have compression straps – to stabilize articles and compress the contents so that the items are close to back

6. Have reflective material to enhance visibility of child to drivers at night

**Recommended backpack weight limit is 10-15% of body weight.

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