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3 ways to improve your upper back posture

Many of us have been working from home for a while already. Did you notice your shoulders and necks are tighter than ever, and realize you are now having rounded shoulders and a slouched back? Let’s learn these three exercises to help improve your posture and relax those tight muscles!

1. Chin tucks

· Slowly tuck your chin back

· Making a “double chin”

· Hold for 5s, repeat 10 times

2. Scapular squeezes

· Stand or sit up straight

· Squeeze your shoulder blades together (back and down)

· Hold for 5s, repeat 15 times

3. Pectoral stretch

· Stand in a doorway or corner of the wall

· Place both hands up against side of doors/ walls

· Lean forward to stretch out chest

· Hold for 30s, repeat 3 times

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