3 tests for choosing appropriate footwear

Choosing a pair of running shoes is critical for runners as a pair of loose running shoes can injure your ankle more easily. Yet, a pair of stiff running shoes can result in fatigue muscles and shin splints. Here are 3 simple tests for you to choose your right pair of shoes!

1. Dish-rag test

- To test torsional rigidity

- A good pair of shoes should not be twisted easily to provide stability of the forefoot

2. Pinch test

- To test heel counter rigidity

- A good pair of shoes should have rigid heel counter

- Rigid heel counter is good for providing proprioceptive feedback and make the forefoot more stabilized

3. Fold test

- Flexion stability

- A good pair of shoes should bend just behind forefoot for toe off

- We don’t want the ones that bend in midfoot

Ta-da! It is that easy! Now you can have a good pair of shoes for your running!

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