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Simple & Fun Activities 4 Kids!

Sometimes as parents we can be creative with activities for our children to stay active, other times we can feel tired but still want our children to get in their daily exercises. Today we will be sharing activity ideas that would be perfect for one of those days.

Starting off with something simple such as popping bubbles. This is great for the outdoors as to not making a mess. All you need is a bubble blower and to ask your kids to run around and pop all the bubbles before they touch the ground.

Another variation is blowing up balloons and keeping them up in the air; of course, they cannot be holding the balloon for more than a second at a time.

Jumping Over the River. This activity will require you to use chalk to draw out lines about a foot apart to create a river. The goal is to jump over these rivers without touching inside the boundaries or falling into the “water”. If you do not have chalk at home, you can also use tape to create your rivers.

My personal favourite is making games out of household chores, for example, turning folding laundry into a guessing game. They can identify who the clothing belongs to in the family and help in folding them.

Lastly, you can create a basketball game. Using laundry baskets and rolling up pairs of socks you can create the perfect game of indoor basketball. You can also draw a lion’s head on a cardboard box and cut out a hole for the lion’s mouth to make a game of feeding the lion. You can crumple balls of paper and try to toss them into the lion’s mouth. This is also a great way to practice their counting!

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