DIY Game

Wondering what you can do for a family activity at home? Why not try creating your very own DIY board game? Bring out the pillows to make your very own obstacle!

We can start with a little crafting by printing out a blank dice template for you and your kids to customize the activities you would like to include for your game. If you don’t have a printer at home, no problem! Use dices from regular board games and create an activity list to indicate the action for the number you land on!

Below are some suggestions for the activities you can include!

3 = spin around in a circle 3 times

4= march for a count of 12

6 = hop on one foot 6 times

8 = run to the door and back

9 = do 9 arm circles

10 = do 10 jumping jacks

12 = walk backwards with 10 giant steps

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